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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday Craic!

Well today is looking very good, started off with a very healthy breakfast and from then I was ready for my morning stint with Janet & Peggy. My day seems to just get better with the entrance of many guests.

My afternoon is Jammed today, I have my local gaelic "hero" and former music teacher Calum Martin coming in to do  a show with Maggie Smith...Now for anyone who has heros, you get excited for the if it's 'David Beckham' or 'Walter Smith' but too name a few, well that's who Calum is too me...His music has been in my ears since I was young, and has been an insperation on the music I listen and play today.

After doing this I have to sit down and record my own "pipedown" show for tonight. I need more piping music, anyone got anything?! So much of everything else but not enough piping here. However, I only enjoy SFU(simon fraser university) and obviously the Lewis Pipe Band.

On the plus side, the weekend is nearly here again.....

Monday, 28 March 2011

Shawbost School The Venue For Champions!

Well it was fair to say I had a very successful Friday evening, We decide that it was only fair to support our local candidate and head west to Shawbost. The evening was started by Ali Maclennan and a very inspirational and humerus talk,leading into a talk by our candidate which I have to say was very well presented and thought out. He made the point that he wanted to focus on what the people of the Western Isles needed and that he would be the voice of the Western Isles with promises of getting things done! The night was very well intended, in fact probably the most I have seen in a while, the atmosphere in Shawbost could have been described as "Electric" and the talks got all the troops fired up.

The last talk was left to one of the youngest members of the group, However don't be fooled in thinking that he isn't wise, as campaign manager he is of very high importance!! His talk was that of any other strong hearted man , Fired the point...and "fist clenching good"...Probably the best start to the weekend I could have asked for!!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Radio Challenge!

Well I came up with the genius idea today that I was wanting to try and beat the recent broadcasting record for being on air. BBC Radio 1 stars Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave where on air a total of 52 hours all in aid of comic relief. With a whole host of superstars in for interviews the spirit of both presenters where kept up and made the job so easy. However they switched it to the internet and not broadcasting on the FM during the night.

My aim is to get two fellow presenters and get them to join me on a rotation of shows. Taking up three whole days,and we are looking at going for the full 72 hours!! This could be hard and needs alot of training to do it. Sleeping bags, food, drink(loads of redbull!!) and essential people in the community to come in and out all the time. I think first of all we need to set up a team of people in the station and figure out how we are going to go about this. IslesFm is a small time station comppared to BBC Radio One. But i think this is one way that we can finally get the station on the map and get known for it. While we do that at the same time we are getting the publicity through the record book (should we pull it off)

Again this is still in the early process as we haven't sent it to senior staff, but if we get the go ahead you will be the first to know. would you support it if  we did it, by sponsoring us??